If it’s a baby tooth; give it to the tooth fairy! as replacing it may damage the next tooth to come out.

Firstly find the tooth and make sure it is still intact. Be careful when handling the tooth and only touch the crown (top portion) of the tooth, never the root. The root surface has a membrane which is very delicate and it is extremely important not to damage it, as this will decrease the success of saving the tooth.

If you are uncomfortable inserting the tooth on your own, make sure to bring the tooth to the dentist in saline, milk or saliva as soon as possible. Avoid drying the tooth out. Water is not recommended. For an adult, you may place the tooth between the cheek and gum in the mouth (be careful not to swallow the tooth though!)

If you can insert the tooth, gently push the tooth back into the socket and hold it there with light pressure. You still need to see a dentist to assess and decide on further treatment if needed.

Studies have shown if the tooth is replaced within 30 minutes, there is an 85% chance the tooth will survive. TIME IS IMPORTANT IN REPLACING TEETH AND SO EACH MINUTE COUNTS.

Prevention is the best policy. Make sure Mouth guards & protective gear are worn for contact sports; also Helmets worn while cycling, skateboarding and skiing

First Aid For Children

  • Wash any wound with clean running water
  • Stop bleeding by placing pressure to the injured area with gauze or cotton wool for 5 minutes.
  • See your dentist as soon as possible to rule out fractures etc. Will need a review appointment as well after few weeks.

If Tooth Is Chipped Or Broken With Trauma

  • Sometimes the Dentist may be able to ‘’glue’’ the tooth fragment back into place.
  • Find the tooth fragment and place it into water.
  • Contact the dental surgery.