Pain & Anxiety Control

Pain management has several components and at Maroondah Dental Care we aim to address each one:

1. Gentle Local Anesthetic technique: We use strong topical anesthetic (gel) to numb the gum prior to administering Local Anesthesia and then slow administration of Local anesthesia ensures a comfortable procedure

2. Gentle use of instruments around your mouth : we pride ourselves in being Soft Handed

3. Our European chairs have memory foam which molds to your body to reduce body aches.

4. Ceiling mounted TVs stand as a pleasant distraction on which you can watch your favorite movies / TV shows and Live TV as well. There are also quality wireless headphones if you really want to get involved into it!!!

5. Forget the needle for Scaling and Root planning (Deep Clean): Oraqix is a needle free anesthetic, administered topically at and below the gum line. Maroondah Dental Care recommend this alternative to traditional anesthesia for several reasons:

  • Quick 30 second onset
  • Usual duration effect is for 20mts and so normal sensation by the time you finish the appointment
  • It is site specific and would only numb the areas that need to be numbed.

Sedation Dentistry

    For clients who are afraid, nervous or stressed to visit the dentist, we at Maroondah Dental Care are happy to offer many different types of sedation options to help them attend their appointments with the greatest ease.

    We do what it takes to make sure the right sedation dentistry is used for our patients no matter how big or small the dental problem is. We take the time to listen and understand our patient’s anxiety issues and help them build confidence and trust. This in itself, is the most important part of overcoming dental phobias.

    Sedation / Sleep dentistry services are ideal for patients who:

    • Fear going to the dentist and are experiencing complex problems.
    • Dislike the dentist due to past bad experiences
    • Cannot have treatment done due to extreme gag reflux
    • Have difficulty achieving the desired effects of local anesthetic even with multiple injections
    • Have extremely sensitive teeth
    • Want all or majority of the dental work done in a short time or in ‘’one hit’’
    • Hate injections/needles , noises , smells and taste associated with dental care

    Sedation Options:

    ✔ Oral Sedation:

    Oral Sedative tablets and muscle relaxants (prescription and non-prescription)

    ✔ Happy Gas:

    For nervous patients who experience anxiety and discomfort during dental appointments, happy gas (also known as laughing gas) can be a game-changer. As a mild sedative, it helps manage pain and fear, allowing patients to relax and remain calm. The nitrous oxide mixes with oxygen and is inhaled through a mask over the nose. Within minutes, the patient should feel the pleasant effects of the gas. While some individuals may experience a sense of euphoria or become more talkative, others may feel light-headed or tingly. The goal of laughing gas is to help patients feel less inhibited and mitigate any fear or discomfort surrounding dental procedures. It’s a safe and effective option that many dental offices worldwide utilise to ensure a positive experience for patients.

    ✔ General Anesthesia:

    Maroondah Dental Care has an arrangement with a nearby Day surgery Centre with dental facilities.

    Typically a registered anesthetist administers the general anesthesia and then our team can perform any dental treatment required.