Root Canal Treatment

The term Root Canal Treatment is associated with pain to many people and we see that reaction a lot when we mention the same!

If that’s the case, rest assured it’s not as bad as it sounds especially with today’s technology. It just requires couple of visits.

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the dental pulp is infected.

The cause of the damage can be due to:

  • Deep Decay
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Crack or fracture extending all the way to the canal
  • Repeated dental work that has weakened a tooth
  • Trauma such as sporting injury / heavy biting pressure like grinding / falls / accidents
  • Extreme wear of tooth surface thus exposing/micro-exposing the nerve portion of the tooth


1. Administration of suitable local anesthesia.

2. Isolation of the tooth with Thin Rubber Dam and then removing the infected nerve or what’s remaining of the nerve (pulp).

3. Clean the Root Canal where the nerve was located.

4. Finally the canal would be appropriately disinfected and dried.

5. After this we make sure the tooth is infection free and then it will be sealed with a long lasting rubber and sealed on the outside with a filling. Depending on what’s left of the tooth, the dentist will advise on cap/crown to strengthen the outer tooth surface.

We have demonstration videos at Maroondah Dental Care to explain and thereby simplify your understanding of the procedure!

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