To Ensure the sterility of our instruments; we have a dedicated fully equipped sterilization room which has the following:

1. Stern Weber Autoclave :

Latest Sterilizer with traceability and digital backup making it paperless.

2. Stern Weber Pure 500 :

A highly ecological reverse osmosis demineralization system that supplies autoclaves with demineralized water. The mains water is passed through an osmotic membrane, ensuring it acquires characteristics ideal for sterilization

3. NSK icare2 :

icare2 sets a new standard for hand piece maintenance systems.

4. Bio sonic-UC 125 :

Ultra-sonic cleaner which cleans and disinfects instruments & other items before entering the sterilizer.

5. Barcode tracking :

Every single package that goes into our autoclave is barcoded, allowing for a dedicated tracking system that links the instruments of that package to the patient on which the instruments were used. We are able to tell exactly when the instrument was sterilized and on whom and on what date/time it was used.

At Maroondah Dental Care; we believe that your health and safety comes first. And that is why we are proud of our “Steri-Room”

If you are curious or interested to see our sterilization procedure / protocol, always welcome to visit us and we would LOVE to show you around!!!