Happy gas is a gas called nitrous oxide. It is a mild sedative which has no colour or smell – It’s safe to use on both adults and children!

We use a small mask that sits over the patient’s nose – the mask is also connected to the suction to make sure all excess gas is removed.

Nitrous oxide sedation is a pleasant, relaxing feeling which reduces anxiety sensitivity to pain and gag reflexes – it will not put you to sleep.

– It works quickly

– You are constantly monitored by the dentist if the nitrous oxide needs to be increased or decreased it can be done straight away by the dentist.

– Happy gas has no hangover effect you’ll feel normal within 3-5 minutes as the gas is eliminated from your body

– For certain procedures it can be used instead of local anaesthesia

– Very safe and has very few side effects

Can be used to eliminate or minimise gagging