Dental implants are the best restorative option for most patients to replace unhealthy, damaged or missing teeth. No two dental implant treatments are the same, which is why dental implant costs vary. 

Several elements go into the cost of your replacement tooth, from the initial exam to the final fitting of the dental crown, the skill of the dentist and the technology used.

Dental implants are a lifetime investment and priced accordingly. Get a consultation at your local dental clinic to learn how much your replacement tooth or teeth will cost.   


What is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants have three parts: the biocompatible implant post, the abutment (connector), and the restoration. 

The implant post is surgically embedded into your jaw, allowing it to fuse (osseointegrate) with the bone tissue. After six to eight weeks, you undergo a second surgery to place the abutment, a ball-shaped attachment that connects the implant post to the restoration. 



After your gum tissue has healed from the abutment surgery, your dentist uses the iTero 3D digital scanning and software program to generate digital images of your implant site to create a custom dental crown to place on top of the abutment. 

Your dentist will restore your smile with a bridge if you have several consecutive missing teeth. Your dentist fabricates a hybrid U-shaped denture plate for entire dental arch restoration. 

Dental implant treatment occurs over several stages and uses high-quality materials like titanium and zirconia. These factors contribute to the dental implants cost, but several other essential considerations also impact the total cost of treatment. Find a dentist that offers consultation to determine how much it will cost you to restore your smile with dental implants. 


What Affects the Dental Implant Cost? Number of Teeth and the Type of Dental Implant Treatment

Single dental implants are priced per tooth. So, the more teeth you need to replace, the higher the dental implant cost. However, Maroondah Dental Care offers several treatment options for multiple tooth replacements to reduce dental implants cost

If you have three to four consecutive missing teeth, we can embed two implants to support a bridge consisting of two crowns and two pontics. If you have an entire arch of damaged or missing teeth, we can use four implants (two at the back of the arch and two in the front of the arch angled backwards) to support a denture plate. 


What Affects the Dental Implant Cost? Anaesthesia Options

Dental implant treatment is typically performed under local anaesthetic in the dentist’s chair. However, for patients with severe dental anxiety or a hypersensitive gag reflex, we also offer sedation dentistry at our practice

Sedation dentistry uses mild sedative medication administered via an IV line. It puts you into a deep state of relaxation, ensuring you are comfortable throughout the dental implant treatment. Choosing sedation dentistry incurs a fee that adds to the dental implants cost


What Affects Dental Implant Cost? Additional Surgeries 

Your oral health dramatically impacts the dental implants cost. Your teeth should be free from decay, have no active gum disease, and have sufficient jawbone density to support the implant post. 

However, you may experience severe bone resorption. This can degrade the quality and quantity of jawbone tissue and may lead to tooth misalignment, which increases your risk of gum disease and decay. 

price tooth implants croydonDuring your initial consultation with your Maroondah Dental Care dentists, they will use an OPG X-ray machine and an intraoral camera to capture images of your teeth, jaw, and gums. If you have inadequate bone density or periodontal disease, you’ll need to address these issues before receiving dental implant treatment

Your dentist may prescribe a bone graft or sinus lift to improve your jaw density and thickness. You may also need periodontal therapy, including scaling and root planing procedures, or gum flap surgery to remove damaged tissue and control infection. 


Dental Implants Cost vs Value: What are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Although the dental implants cost is higher upfront, there are several benefits to getting dental implants over other tooth replacement options that make dental implants worth the cost. 

A dental implant post is designed to permanently fuse with your body and last a lifetime, while the restoration may need to be replaced every 15 to 20 years. Compared with standard bridges or dentures, which need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years


How to Finance Dental Implants Cost With Maroondah Dental Care

At Maroondah Dental Care, we believe every patient deserves high-quality dental care at an affordable price. 

Contact us at (03) 9007 2532 to discuss insurance options and payment plans if you need dental implants to replace missing teeth. We offer payment plans through Denticare, which allow you to comfortably pay off your treatments. 

Book a dental consultation near you for dental implants, with Maroondah Dental Care. We serve patients in Maroondah, and the surrounding suburbs. 



Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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