Bad Breath also known as Halitosis can have many causes; therefore it’s important to identify the cause so you can determine an effective treatment.

Common Bad Breath Causes and Treatment

  • Tobacco use
  • What you eat, or don’t eat- Garlic, onions, coffee etc. The odors generally remain until the body processes the food, so unfortunately there’s no quick fix
  • Dry mouth-One function of saliva is to wash away excess food particles and bacteria, which can cause an unpleasant smell if they build up on the teeth. If the dry mouth consistency occurs, be sure to contact your dentist.
  • Infections—Bad breath that seems to have no other cause may indicate an infection elsewhere in the body. If you have chronic bad breath and your dentist rules out any oral problems, see your doctor for an evaluation. Bad breath can be a sign of a range of conditions including respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis or bronchitis, diabetes or liver & kidney problems. So it’s important not to ignore the problem if it doesn’t go away.
  • Decay or caries
  • Alcohol
  • Good oral hygiene care, such as tooth brushing and flossing are some of the main ways of preventing bad breath. Yes, mouthwashes can improve bad breath, but only for the short term. Remember that mouthwashes act only as an adjunct to oral hygiene maintenance and should not replace toothbrush and flossing.